Diego Simeone pelted with bottles as he leaves Old Trafford. Atletico Madrid beat Man United 1-0.

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone is treated to a fond farewell from the Old Trafford faithful, following his side’s defeat of Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League match on 15th March 2022.

N.B. this channel (From the Stretford End) does not condone or support this type of behaviour.

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47 respuestas a Diego Simeone pelted with bottles as he leaves Old Trafford. Atletico Madrid beat Man United 1-0.

  1. Vik Sinha dijo:

    I’d rather have no fans than fans like this

  2. Paul Malula dijo:


  3. Iain Mair dijo:

    Typical united supporters.

  4. Ali G dijo:

    Imagine if any of those fans had to actually face him 1v1. They would shit their pants .

  5. CryptoFierce dijo:

    English cultural enrichment at its finest

  6. Showing the pure Class of the English! The biggest hypocrites on the planet. Only the Israeli and Americans can come close…

  7. YOUTALK dijo:

    And the club didn't pay for this.

  8. Rich O dijo:

    Utd fans have never forgiven him since 1998 and Beckham

  9. T A dijo:

    I think it is a disgrace, fans should not behave like that

  10. Omar Hussein dijo:

    English fans are a disgrace to the sport.

  11. He wasn't bothered by those bottles

  12. Typical Mancs offended by everything, Ashamed of nothing.😂

  13. freak dawgg dijo:

    Be mad at you’re own players !!

  14. Yamasuba dijo:

    The guys throwing the beer are probably shouting : this is for Beckham, ye' cunt !! LoL

  15. Kamal Kamal dijo:

    Simone make some stupid moves to upset opponents

  16. There you go…. indeed there's the English gent but also the uneducated and low class!

  17. M S dijo:

    Come on United fans, you're better than that!!!

  18. z.L zl dijo:

    british n mu fans always like endon in stadium..😝😝😝

  19. He's from Argentina, these are marshmallows compared to what would've been thrown if he was in South America

  20. PoCoxTV²² dijo:

    Diego Simeone king. Eliminating so many english teams through the years

  21. YT Gloryful_ dijo:

    Reminds me of the Mexican national team 🖕🏼

  22. KenG Brissy dijo:

    Those plastic fans should be banned

  23. bran_rx dijo:

    I'm a United fan and I don't condone that kind of behaviour, totally unacceptable.

  24. mygamez dijo:

    Altetico de Madrid 🔥💪💪💪

  25. Simeone is a legend. More respect for simeone than the whole man u club

  26. The fans have a worse XG than the team. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. KeitelDOG dijo:

    I was expecting this on Maguire, not Simeone.

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