Will Memphis Depay be the difference for Atletico Madrid? | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Memphis Depay being set to join Atletico Madrid.

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18 respuestas a Will Memphis Depay be the difference for Atletico Madrid? | ESPN FC

  1. Juve got docked 15 points. I’d hate to turn the lights on in the Athletico/Barca exchanges over recent years. I know nothing about accounting but I’m pretty sure things aren’t what they should be between those two

  2. MS dijo:

    He doesnt have the grinta of Suarez

  3. Depay's arrival will make a difference for Atletico Madrid and Felix will join Chelsea permanently

  4. Vince dijo:

    What are the odds on Memphis playing LWB at some point in the season? 🤔

  5. Should have gone to Bayern or Juve, potentially West Ham 🤣

  6. R Dziekan dijo:

    Marcos Lorrente has been the difference

  7. dregen86 dijo:

    So Chelsea haves Joao Felix's loan for 13 millions and meanwhile Atletico signs Memphis for 3…great move

  8. G Slang dijo:

    Now bring Auba back! GL Memphis, was rooting for you from the start. It's a shame how things worked out, thanks for all you did these last two seasons!

  9. Dude dijo:

    Every time Barça sell a striker to Atleti , Atleti wins the league the next season 😂. Let’s see if the streak continues

  10. Don’t ever make the mistake of comparing Memphis with great players like Suarez and Villa

  11. F.A dijo:

    ESPN should give CR7 more credit. Last year he won Bench D'Or for scoring 1 goal in 14 starts out of 23 matches played and it was a penalty and before that season he scored 24 goals against Norwich City and Brentford while stat padding and scoring 0 goals 0 assists against Man city or liverpool and won Garbage D'Or . Then blamed multiple coaches + teammates + ex teammates with Interview D'Or. Now won Rejection D'Or playing in ranked 70 farmers league for money while telling people he doesn't play for money……….

  12. knandez7 __ dijo:

    Memphis! C'mon! Aupa Atleti ❤️🤍

  13. Flippa dijo:

    This is a W for Barca, his contract is up in the summer, we got some money off the books and we got what 3-5m too for a guy we don't play at all W

  14. Deserving dijo:

    Depay will probably do better at Atlético because they don’t have Joao Felix at the moment due to loan

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