EA FC 24 Nintendo Switch | Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid #nintendoswitch #easportsfc24 #eafc24

EA Sports FC 24 Nintendo Switch | Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid #easportsfc24 #nintendoswitch #eafc24 #realmadrid #atleticomadrid #bernabéu #bernabeu

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21 respuestas a EA FC 24 Nintendo Switch | Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid #nintendoswitch #easportsfc24 #eafc24

  1. Akis dijo:

    Much better than PlayStation and x box!!! Because on switch is slower and more realistic and lower scorelines!!!!

  2. Boa noite. O número de jogadores no banco e substituições aumentaram?

  3. sjjsshshshh dijo:

    can you do broadcast camera on your next video ??

  4. Matchday dijo:

    Is there anything that the game could improve on? Any issues? Also are certain aspects worse than legacy edition? Thank your for posting these btw ♥

  5. can you do a short of lewandowski goal celebration please

  6. Eafc24 is the best football game ever created on Nintendo Switch

  7. The Madrid anthem isnso annoying. Does it play all the fucking time??

  8. Ivan Ratty dijo:

    😂😂😂😂😂lol am not buying these game for 59 pounds 😂😂 look at the refereee

  9. pepe007 dijo:

    What will the Golden Ball award be like for EA Will FC 24 on the Nintendo Switch be the same as last year's FIFA?

  10. TeamFL dijo:

    Why do they not have the new trikots?

  11. Sup man do u have any handlemode gameplay ?? I wanna know if feels kinda lagy or not

  12. Or fo a match where you play with barca nad do a goal with lewandosski and to his celebration

  13. Csn you do a short of the coebration of lewandoski i want to see ut

  14. yan so dijo:

    lol what's up with the referees kits bug? they're the same as the ones from your previous video with sheffield united..
    also, i really hope they would update the teams kits..

  15. PES 2024 PSP dijo:

    Bro can make a match of Man U vs Juventus

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